Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 10 Funniest Viral Videos of 2009

10. Korean Touch My Body

Video came out late in 2008 but cracked me up all 2009!


This has to be the year of Asians makin a fool of themselves with viral videos, even the title is fuckin hilarious LAB ISTORI!

8. Taylor Swift is a Dirty Girl

Taylor I'm happy for you...but your dirty version of "You Belong to Me" is the best version ever!

7. Manny Pacquiao Singing on Jimmy Kimmel


6. David After Dentist

Who doesn't like laughing at kids on drugs?! :58 second mark is classic!

5. The Office Wedding

The Office may have ripped this off of JK Wedding...but then again they rip off anything pop culture, I actually prefer The Office version.

4. Tiger Woods Slow Jam

Dam what a horrible year for Tiger! Was it really worth gettin all that ass to lose millions of dollars?!

3. The Hangover End Credits

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, nuf said!

2. Jersey Shore Fist Pump

This was the year of the fist pump celebrated by you douche bags! Hope I don't see you in 2010!

1. Drunkest Guy Ever!!!

#1 goes to the drunkest guy ever! Gravity is a BITCH ain't it?!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Little Late: Flyers 3 PENGUINS 0... Pens lead series 3-2

It was the makings of a party in Pittsburgh. But if you think for one second that the Stanley Cup playoffs was easy, you are a moron. The Flyers came to play and tonight was proof. I'm disgusted, but you have to give credit where credit is due. The Penguins came out flying in the first period, but Marty Biron stood tall. The Flyers struck first on a huge slapper by Arron Asham. The Pens got a bad break as a puck was kicked in by Evgeni Malkin nullifying a goal. Two more goals in the third and it spelled doom for Pittsburgh and a horrible trip back to Philadelphia for Game 6.

Everyone was a minus in this game. No one stood out. The Flyers simply outplayed, outworked and outcoached the Penguins.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Furious Fleury: PENGUINS 3 Flyers 1... Pens lead series 3-1

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After game 3, if there was one Pittsburgh Penguin who needed a huge game it was Marc-Andre Fleury. Tonight, he was simply stellar. He robbed Philly of about a handful of goals tonight and the Pens are just one win away from the second round.

The first period, the Pens seemed thoroughly outplayed, but Fleury stood on his head the entire period. Saving everything, plus getting help from Mr. Post. 0-0 after 1.

The second period gave Pittsburgh an early momentum shift in which Sidney Crosby scored falling down after a penalty kill. Clearly a goal before the net came off. Huge momentum goal there! A few minutes later, the most consistent line of the series so far struck again as Tyler Kennedy scored on a backhanded shot after a pretty feed from Matt Cooke. Once again Fleury stood tall as well as the penalty killing was magnificent. 2-0 Pens after 2.

The third was simply survival mode. I hate that. The Pens need the killer instinct. Fleury had it though, but his shutout ended after a bad clearing attempt by Kris Letang that led to a goal. The final eight minutes was what playoff hockey was all about. Great stick work by the Pens D, a strong goalie, and timely shifts. Maxime Talbot ends it with an empty netter to seal the win. 3-1 Penguins.

The Pens have a chance to close it out on Thursday. There should not be any way this goes back to Philly on Saturday. The Penguins have an opportunity to get some rest and wait for an opponent. However, you can never count this Philly team out. Yes they're annoying and full of assclowns, but they do work hard and a desperate team is a dangerous team.

Plus (+)
Marc-Andre Fleury: AMAZING Performance. Best since Game 5 of the Finals last year.
Staal/Kennedy/Cooke: Line chips in again. Best line thus far in the playoffs.
Sidney Crosby: Faceoff wins plus a huge first goal
Penalty killing units: Philly goes o-fer out of 8 chances. Solid job

Minus (-)
Evgeni Malkin: Where was he tonight?
Power Play: Another disappearing act tonight. Can't let that happen in Game 5.
Petr Sykora: When you're struggling (and get a gaping net and miss) YOU ARE STRUGGLING!

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